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What We Do

Ascend Ed LLC provides a holistic, child and family-centered set of supports through advocacy, consulting, tutoring, and evaluations.  Our mission is to empower families to advocate for their children and feel confident in their children's educational decisions.


Consulting and Advocacy

Consultation and advocacy with the family, private practitioners, and school. Consultation and advocacy with the family and school include, but is not limited to the following:

  1. any meeting that takes place with either the family or private practitioners, etc.;

  2. IEP meetings;

  3. observations of the child in school or in a private therapy setting;

  4. written reports of observations;

  5. record review of all new evaluations and school documents;

  6. public and private school placement and navigation



In-person and virtual tutoring includes working with the child on a pre-determined list of goals based on
current areas in need of improvement. Tutoring is designed to work in conjunction with a child's IEP and school placement, as appropriate. 



Transition evaluations and educational achievement evaluations.

Educational achievement evaluations are designed to highlight student strengths and provide resources and recommendations for weaknesses. These evaluations include formal and informal measures and can be used to support home and school planning.  Available for ages 3 - 21.

Transition evaluations include formal and informal measures designed to determine an individual’s work style, temperament, strengths, and weaknesses as they relate to employment. Available for ages 14+.

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