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Transition evaluations and educational achievement evaluations.


Educational achievement evaluations are designed to highlight student strengths and provide resources and recommendations for weaknesses. These evaluations include formal and informal measures and can be used to support home and school planning. This also includes a full 8-15 page report of the results of formal testing and child-specific recommendations for home and school services. Available for ages 3 - 21.

Formal measures include:
- Wide Range Achievement Test - 5th Edition (WRAT-5)
- Weschler Individual Achievement Test - 4th Edition (WIAT-4)
- Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement - 3rd Edition (KTEA-3)
- Brigance Inventory of Early Development - 3rd Edition (IED-III)
- Woodcock Johnson Tests of Achievement - 4th Edition (WJIV)
- Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test - 5th Edition (PPVT-5)
- Expressive Vocabulary Test - 3rd Edition (EVT-3)
- Bracken School Readiness Assessment - 3rd Edition (BSRA-3)
- Boehm Test of Basic Concepts - 3rd Edition (Boehm-3)
- Test of Integrated Language and Literacy Skills (TILLS)
- Word Identification and Spelling Test (WIST)
- KeyMath-3 Diagnostic Assessment (KeyMath-3 DA)

Transition evaluations include formal and informal measures designed to determine an individual’s work style, temperament, strengths, and weaknesses as they relate to employment. This also includes a 6 - 12 page report of the results and individual-specific recommendations. Available for ages 14+.

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