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Anneliese Girson

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Anneliese Girson is an educational consultant and advocate as well as an academic tutor and educational achievement evaluator. A former special education teacher for Montgomery County Public Schools, Anneliese’s firsthand knowledge of IEP implementation, goal writing, service delivery models, and behavior management. As an educator, she has experience adapting and modifying grade-level curricula to meet a wide variety of needs while working towards independence with grade-level standards.

Anneliese specializes in advocating on behalf of children with behavioral needs that impact their relationship with school and learning. She provides direct support and consultation for behavior management in the home environment as well as in school. By collaborating with related service providers, family members, and the school-based IEP team, Anneliese strives to craft masterful Behavior Intervention Plans (BIPs) that transcend environments and help develop well-rounded coping and replacement behaviors.


Anneliese has completed the year-long Special Education Advocacy Training (SEAT 2.0) through COPAA. Additionally, she is trained in Orton Gillingham Instructional Methodologies. She is trained in the Zones of Regulation, which supports social/emotional functioning and understanding. Having received her Bachelor of Science in Special Education and Master of Education in Special Education from the University of Maryland: College Park, Anneliese maintains her MSDE teaching certification in Generic Special Education for grades 1-8 and in Severely/Profoundly Disabled Special Education for ages birth through 21. Anneliese has also completed a post-graduate certificate in Transition Special Education from George Washington University and a post-graduate certificate in Educational Assessment from Montclair State University.

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